Contemporary Jewellery, Paintings and Ceramics

About Me

I am a maker.

As the daughter of an artist and an engineer, I had the perfect set of influences to become an artist.   From my mom, I inherited the love of envisioning and creating   From my dad,  how to embrace the challenge of problem solving and the construction of a new design.

I am a maker of objects. Throughout my career, I have explored many media and methods to express my ideas of beauty. My work has been exhibited internationally and I am in many books and collections.   I create work that evokes a timeless beauty which comes from a place deep within my imagination, distilled from the many cultures I have travelled to and from my love of gardening and nature.

I love it when my clients come back for something new and tell me how much they are enjoying my work.  Often their friends want to know where they found the piece and how to acquire one for themselves.