I have always loved texture. In my earlier clay work, in my jewellery and now in my paintings, there has always been the element of layering .  It is a major reason I work with oil and cold wax medium now.  My tools- squeegies, palette knives and brayers, help me to create these surfaces. This combination of materials allows me to build up colour and thick and juicy texture.

 Scraping back through layers of translucent paint to reveal a subtle history, and a mystery  creates a luminous and nuanced surface that excites me.  I love surprises in both my non-representational and my abstracted landscapes. 


I travel the world.  I delight in finding old doorways, buildings, archeological sites, and ancient objects in markets.  Discovering beautiful locations at that mysterious time of day or when it is weather affected is also thrilling.

I bring these things back into my studio and my work.  I hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I do, making it.