contemporary and conceptual art jewellery, paintings and ceramics

Materials & Techniques

Metal Clay

The materials that I most enjoy working with are silver and bronze Precious Metal Clay. They are precious metals ground to micron fine and mixed with a cellulose binder and water.  After making the piece,  the pice is fired in a kiln to just below melting temperature.  The cellulose binder burns away and the metal sinters and  I am left with pure metal, after which I handle it using traditional metal smithing  techniques.


Polymer clay

 I love the possibilities of this material, from its ability to take a pattern to being mixed with metals and paints and pigments.  It is versatile, colourful and strong.


My other love is painting. I work with both alcohol inks and oil and cold wax. I  work intuitively building layer and layer of "history"  adding, scraping back and adding again, trusting  my inner self.